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A Few of Jeter's fave sites:


My Vet: Veremedy Pet Hospital

Drs. Brad and Angela Burrington have taken great care of me since Cathy adopted my five years ago. They have "fixed" my allergies, my back, my thyroid, my eye, cleaned my teeth, and taken out lumps and bumps. Great general care and the best diagnosticians around. 


My favorite food: Natural Balance

Natural Balance is great because it comes in lots of different formulas plus each variety is available in canned food and several different types of treats. If you have ever tried to keep a dog with allergies on food that doesn't come with matching treats, it is tough. 


My fish oil pills: Nordic Naturals

These are great for dogs with meat allergies because they have a variety that does not have meat in the gelatin capsule, uses fish instead of beef. 


My favorite web site:

I have never been on this site but Cathy has threatened.

Where does my friend Silas get his hair done?

Silas, the spinning goldendoodle, loves Clean Paws in West Lebanon, NH. They do a great job plus he always seems happy to go.